Matrix presented “antimikrobnomu” Juno, which is capable of cooling any drink — from beer and champagne to juice and soda for a few minutes. At the same instant lowering the temperature of the liquids the device does not use chemicals, refrigerants and refrigerants that harm the environment.

In the thermoelectric cooling Matrix is the Peltier effect in which heat is absorbed or released during the pass of electric current. When the interior of the container put a bottle of wine or can of beer, Juno begins to rotate the container, rinsing it with cold water. On the actual temperature of the contents of the vessel will indicate an led strip that changes color from red to blue, depending on the degree of cooling.

According to the Matrix, their device will cool a can of beer with a volume of 330 ml with room (22 DEGC) to the optimum temperature (4 DEGC) for 2 minutes. And then, to cool a bottle of wine 750 ml to 9 DEGC will take 5 minutes.

On the website Indiegogo a new product, you can pre-order at a price of $199. At the time of writing this note the authors of the project collected more than $140 thousand — almost one and a half times greater than declared.

While the device is under a working prototype. Serial production is scheduled to begin in August 2020, the supply in October of the same year.

Text: To.Hi-tech