COVID-19: check-in Ivanovo oblast in control of the police posts

the Entrances to the Ivanovo region remain in control of the police posts. Documents check everyone who wants to cross the border of the region. As reported STRC “of Ivteleradio”, motorists and bus passengers handed a special check-lists to fill in. In them the personal data, the purpose of the visit, questions about health. All warn of the need to comply with sanitary and epidemiological rules and a two-week quarantine. For further control check-lists are sent to the CPS.

Employees of all nine transmission work quickly, allowing you to avoid large traffic jams. Drivers checks are with full understanding.

meanwhile, according to oberstab in the region is growing, the number of patients admitted to hospital with pneumonia on the background of coronavirus infection. In hospitals located 742, 136 are in intensive care. In the near future to arrange additional beds for patients COVID-19. According to the head of regional health Department Arthur Fokina, now free of all 65 seats. It is possible to deploy more 1292 beds.

For the last day was 117 cases of coronavirus infection. The death of two patients was confirmed by the Department of health of the region. 75 new cases — from Plyos boarding home for the elderly and disabled. The total number of cases in the region — 2322 man, 963 recovered.

Text: TV “of Ivteleradio”