Developers will allow you to train robots Boston Dynamics

the Company Boston Dynamics has posted in open access on GitHub is a Toolkit that allows developers to program behavior of the robot-dog Spot. Still “train” it to only those who have already purchased a mechanical dog or rented.

According to the Vice-President of Boston Dynamics Michael Perry, with the help of SDK kit can be “developed custom applications that will allow Spot to perform useful tasks in a wide range of industries”. The owners of robots, for example, can create their own methods of management Spot, and to integrate data coming from its sensors to the Analytics system.

as an example, Perry has led the company HoloBuilders, which is adapted doglike robot for the inspection of the construction site. Using a smartphone, the employee can “introduce” Spot on the route, then the robot will begin to patrol the area on their own, along the way, making panoramic pictures and uploading them to a HoloBuilders.

Boston Dynamics is developing a Spot for almost ten years. Quadruped robot driven by electric motors and some of its varieties are equipped with the long “claw” reminiscent of a snake head. The manipulator allows robots to grab and move objects.

last year, the Spot has leased the police Department of Massachusetts. “Hired” him “to assess the capabilities of the robot with respect to the activities of law enforcement bodies, in particular for remote inspection of potentially dangerous objects, which could be hiding the suspects and the weapons are stored”. In the lease was written, that roboplow it is forbidden to “incite” people and cause them physical harm.

Text: To.Hi-tech