Doctor butcher: the virus is weakened, but will be the second and third wave

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov said Вестям.Ru a coronavirus that come to mankind from the beasts, very strong and evil, but with each infected weakened. According to him, the June infection is much weaker in January because it has gone through many organisms.

the Doctor drew attention to the fact that in the 21st century, the virus would come to the already three times — in 2002, 2012, 2019. Roughly speaking, the infection overtakes mankind every ten years, we just didn’t notice her, referring to the insidious flu. The epidemic was, but they did not attach such great importance. Alexander Myasnikov drew attention to the fact that in 33 percent of cases of acute respiratory infections caused by human coronavirus.

the Doctor believes that the virus will move to the southern hemisphere, where it will die a certain number of people. According to experts, by the end of the year total number of deceased could be closer to the mark in a million. While Myasnikov drew attention to the fact that the people who died from the coronavirus, will not increase the General statistics of mortality in the world for the entire year, it will be those same figures. The doctor cited data showing that only trivial microbial pneumonia die each year 2.5 million people.

Alexander Myasnikov expressed his opinion about whether the second wave of the coronavirus. According to him, all who are supposed to be sick, sooner or later have been ill. The infection will spread until, until you are strained and not achieve the desired volume. The doctor thinks that will not only second, but third, fourth wave COVID-19, but it will be able to migrate on foot. The doctor expressed the hope that the virus to develop into common colds and it will die less people.

Earlier, Alexander Myasnikov said that masks are not a reliable barrier from the coronavirus. According to him, for some they create the illusion of security, thereby inducing them to violate other preventive measures, including social distance.