Due to the unique ability of Ovechkin entered the top ten of the best

the Forward of “Washington capitals” Alexander Ovechkin entered the top ten of the best snipers in the NHL for the entire history of the League. This height was subjected to Ovechkin in last match against “new York Aliners”: Ovechkin scored a hat-trick, and Washington won 6:4.
Every new match “Washington” — a new record and a new achievement of its captain Alexander Ovechkin. To catch up with the great Mario Lemieux to take a place in the top ten of the best snipers in the history of the NHL? The solution to this problem in the match against “new York Lenders” Ovechkin took just 10 minutes.

there were still two and a half period, to Lemieux to get around, to reach already before Steve Yzerman and rise on one line. Banal sports truth carries the strongest; and now, in the second period, with awkward hands and with the help of a deflection off a defender Ovechkin scored twice.

“Ovechkin Stats are impressive. The captain of “Washington” has a unique ability to be included when necessary and when all this waiting. Eight goals in last three games — a place in the top ten of the best snipers in the League for more than a century the history of the NHL is provided. Another recognition of the organization as legends not just of hockey, but the entire world of sports,” said defender HC Washington capitals (NHL) Dmitry Orlov.

In the third period, the striker scored a hat-trick and overtook Steve Yzerman. Mark Messier is very close; not in the next game, so using one eight “Washington” will catch up with him. There are only two washers.

Ovechkin plays in the NHL for 15 years and every season throws at least thirty pucks. GM increased the greatest. Ovechkin — 34, hockey, he has not played enough, leaving the NHL has no plans, so the main question for the coming years: whether after all eight “Washington” to catch up with Wayne Gretzky to break the record for all time. Left 202 goals. To the extent possible, how much it can take seasons and how many more years Ovechkin is able to beat the record – that the most important issues in the NHL in the coming years.

While Ovechkin in the top ten, many of the legends already in the past, and only in the current season in full swing, Ovechkin is able to rise not only in the eighth, but the seventh or maybe sixth place in the list of the best snipers in NHL history.