Estonia called upon to protect her even in a hopeless situation

the Successful defense of Estonia is impossible without the help of allies and friends, the President of the Republic of Kirsty Kaljulaid. Speaking in Narva at the ceremony devoted to the 100 th anniversary of the complete Liberation war of 1918-1920, Kaljulaid noted the importance of allied relations in “the protection of Estonia” from the superior forces of the enemy even in a hopeless situation. She stressed the small size of the country, the location of Estonia, and added, mentioning who was at the event the British military that the country can not do without allies.

In the border town of Narva, where the event took place at the ceremonial building of defense Forces of Estonia were present and held a service in the combat groups of a NATO British soldiers.

In the Liberation war, Estonia had lost about six thousand people. Later, Soviet Russia recognized the independence of the Republic of Estonia (Tartu peace). Modern Russia considers the signed document historical, unenforceable.