Exercises in the Black sea, Putin was shown the strikes

Most modern Russian weapons, under the impression of which the staff leading armies of the world are changing strategic plans and develop new tactical schemes, Moscow demonstrated today in the case. Off the coast of Crimea held joint exercises of the Northern and black sea fleets. Vladimir Putin watched them in close proximity. Key maneuvers become combat launches of missiles “Dagger” and cruise missiles “Calibre”.

Dozens of surface warships, support vessels, naval aviation, coastal connections and submarine in the Black sea are large-scale maneuvers, to observe that arrived the commander in chief.

– Comrade Supreme commander of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinov” to boemondo ready! The cruiser commander, captain first rank Kuzmin, – report to the President of Russia.

greetings! – welcomed captain Putin.

the Missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinov” came from Severomorsk to conduct joint maneuvers in the Black sea. Here now, I should say, about the same weather as in the Barents sea off the coast of Murmansk: the temperature near zero and the icy wind. On Board the cruiser Putin greeted the pilots of the fighters, and then watched the launches of “Caliber” of the black sea with frigates and submarines.

Putin even spotted your clock to the time during which the missile hit the target. The moment of defeat is removed from the air by using drones that fly over the theatre of “military operations”, can understand how accurate missile strikes. And how smoothly operate air force and Navy.

– the Flight time – two minutes!

the Jets fired “Daggers,” coastal complex “the Rock” held two launch missiles at targets that simulated the enemy ships. From the deck of the cruiser, the President and officers was held in the wardroom. failed the preliminary results of the maneuvers.

we Ask you to have lunch on Board guided missile cruiser in the company of officers, to be appealed to the President of the sailors. Bon appetite!

Thank you! Bon appetit! – said the President.

Shortly summed up the preliminary results of the maneuvers.

“I Congratulate you with past New year, merry Christmas, — Putin addressed the officers. Thanks for today’s exercises. You have been away for how many months?”

Seven months, — said naval officers.

“I Missed, probably, around the house? Will be back soon!” – they promised Putin.

the Missile firing ended successfully. About this Navy commander reported to the Supreme commander. The exercise was attended by more than 30 ships and over 40 aircraft. Now the ships continue to maneuver. Sevastopol shore for this observable.

After joining the Crimea to Russia’s black sea fleet has gained tremendous momentum as evidenced by regular exercises.

And of course, the fact that every year in the Crimea is adopting new ships, says that the Russian black sea fleet more than three hundred years, has important strategic significance for the country.

Already on the shore Putin introduced to the models of the ships of the near future. This is a unique opportunity to see what carriers will be built by Russia very soon. New Russian aircraft carrier will be more “Admiral Kuznetsov”, it will have a nuclear power plant.

the President walked through the exhibition, where each development was represented by the heads of enterprises and chief engineers. Putin was shown a hybrid helicopter and plane that the cargo can carry, and strike, and used in civil aviation.

– the Range of two thousand kilometers and a speed of five hundred kilometers per hour? – asked Putin.

Everything happens in the branch of the Nakhimov naval school in Sevastopol. This school with 80 years of historyif you don’t count the break in years when the Crimea was Ukrainian. It is grown naval officers.

“the Navy has always been and remains the most important and key component of ensuring national defence and security. And in the twenty-first century, we must maintain and strengthen the status of our country as one of the leading Maritime powers. I note that in recent years we have focused on the development of the Navy’s increased attention, has allocated significant resources. We will continue to ensure that the fleet was modern, equipped with the latest technology, assured the audience, Vladimir Putin. — As you know, in the near future, the share of modern samples of arms and equipment of the Navy must be 70 percent. And again, this indicator we will need not only to reach, it will need to hold it.”

that figures — not important, Putin says every time on all such meetings in a series of military meetings in Sochi, on total Board of the Ministry of defense in Moscow. To the Navy and the army were competitive on the world stage, they need to be improved constantly.

“it is Important to consider that over the last decade the quality of and approaches to the design and construction of ships in the world has changed markedly. Today, the reduction of production time and cost of naval equipment is only possible with the use of advanced technologies and processes in the entire cycle of its creation of this technology. Such as 3D-modeling, block-modular principle of construction, and with the unification of weapons and major equipment, with modern shipbuilding capacity. I would like to repeat once again: only on this basis can improve the serial construction of ships, to reduce the terms of their admission to the Navy and to improve the conditions of repair”, — said Putin.

“technology has shown its high reliability. Were tested new forms and methods of its application. The staff showed professionalism. Objectives of the exercise were achieved. Rethe results of the exercise will be analyzed. And this will report”, — promised the President the commander in chief of the Russian Navy Nikolay Evmenov.

Putin thanked the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu and sailors for the organization’s teachings. In 2020 the black sea fleet will receive at least 16 ships.