In Yekaterinburg detained a local resident, who on new year’s night in the courtyard of the flats fired a machine gun into the air. The neighbors shot the bully in the video, and two days later he became the figurant of criminal case.

the Shots show that with a man in the yard on the street Cherepanov was a child, and the comments of the witnesses say that he fired the first time. The gunman was 48-year-old unemployed, which, as noted in a press-service of the Sverdlovsk Department of internal Affairs, expressed their positive emotions in honor of the New year. Other details could not hear the man confessed that he was dead drunk, and therefore doesn’t remember anything.

the Weapons found in the suspect’s neighbor, the examination showed that this is not a combat weapon, and ogoloshennya light and sound machine. The arrow was released under recognizance not to leave, he was charged with disorderly conduct.