Fans piled up a statue of Ibrahimovic

the Statue of striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has again been attacked by fans of Malmo. This time the attackers managed to topple the statue sawed the bronze Zlatan feet.

In the night of Sunday, the fans of malmö launched yet another attack on the statue of Ibrahimovic. First on the head of the statue was wearing a black t-shirt. Then they sawed his legs and a bronze statue of a football player fell on the surrounding fence.

Fans of “Malmo” can not forgive to the former idol the purchase of shares drkgogo Swedish club “Hammarby”, which is the main rival of their club. Fans saw in the act of Zlatan’s betrayal and repeatedly encroached on his statue, installed in the city. In December, vandals sawed off the sculpture’s nose.