After the recent controversial behavior of the indicted Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann, his own party, the local SPD, has now also called for his resignation. That requires the dignity of the office, the reputation of the city and the ability of the magistrate to act, said deputy party leader Kolja Müller on Monday.

The Greens, CDU, FDP and the Volt party in the Main metropolis had previously spoken out in favor of resigning. “Should this appeal also go unheard, we will discuss the further steps together with the coalition parties, up to and including a vote-out procedure,” said the Greens, for example.

A video appeared on the internet at the weekend in which Feldmann spoke of flight attendants on the flight to the Europa League final from Eintracht Frankfurt to Seville, “who put me out of action hormonally at first”. “The sexist statement made by the mayor on the flight to Seville is not a trivial offence, but a blunder to be condemned,” said Müller. The behavior is one of a number of other mistakes.

Feldmann also caused irritation at the cup celebration in the Römer last Thursday. There he first took the trophy from Eintracht captain Sebastian Rode and coach Oliver Glasner in order to move towards the Kaisersaal. And during his speech, the mayor, who describes himself as a Eintracht fan, mispronounced several of the players’ names. Feldmann is no longer welcome in the stadium at the Bundesliga club. Feldmann himself regretted his appearance at the party and later apologized for his saying on the plane.

After the charges against him on suspicion of corruption in connection with the so-called Awo affair, the SPD initially stated that he would have to resign from office if the main proceedings were to be allowed. Waiting any longer is now unreasonable, it said. Feldmann himself did not initially comment on this

In March, the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office brought charges based on reasonable suspicion of accepting an advantage. Feldmann’s wife, as the head of an Awo-Kita, is said to have received a salary that was higher than the collective agreement “for no objective reason”, it was said. In addition, the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Awo) supported Feldmann in the 2018 election campaign by raising donations. In return, he wanted to “benevolently consider” the interests of Awo Frankfurt.

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