From the Finland station to the station Petrokrepost went besieged village

a Historic journey along the Road of Victory. On the eve of the Finland station to the station Petrokrepost ‘ went to the siege of the village. He repeated the legendary journey in 33 kilometers, reports GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”.

In 1943, in the bitter cold this railroad was built in just 17 days. It connected besieged Leningrad with the mainland. In the composition of the retro-trains steam locomotive series EI 1929 issue. Victory road worked until 10 March 1944. During this time, it carried 4.5 million tons of cargo passed 6 thousand trains.

More than a thousand times the railway line was blown up. The drivers had to go on cunning. Today at the station Petrokrepost works memorial Museum. It is dedicated to the history of the construction of the Road of Victory and heroism of the railway men. It contains objects of wartime, awards, drawings, unique photographs and personal documents of employees.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”