the American media put dirt on the American leader Donald trump: audio and video recording a business dinner in 2018 year. On it the President of the United States discusses the dismissal of the American Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. Among the interlocutors trump — two immigrants from Ukraine, familiarity with which is the trump denies.

a Cosy evening in the company of colleagues can turn to Donald trump unpleasant consequences. The American media has published an audio recording from the meeting in the hotel “trump international” in Washington in 2018. Supposedly it is the President of the United States requires the dismissal Marie Yovanovitch – she was then the American Ambassador to Ukraine.

Parnassus: I think the biggest problem with which to begin, is the dismissal of the Ambassador. She remained in the Clinton administration.
trump: where is the Ambassador?
Parnas: Yes, she tells everyone, wait for him to be declared the impeachment, just wait. (laughter)

Parnassus: It’s unbelievable.
Unknown interlocutor: It will be removed tomorrow.
trump: what’s her name?
Unknown interlocutor: I don’t remember the name.
trump: Get rid of it tomorrow. I don’t care. Fire her tomorrow. Okay? Do it.

On the tape, according to the media, you can hear the voice of the Lion of Parnassus and Igor Fruman key witnesses in the case of impeachment. Earlier, Parnas claimed that he, as associate counsel to trump, Rudy Giuliani, demanded from the Ukrainian President to launch an investigation against Joe Biden — the main competitor of the trump in the upcoming elections. According to the lawyer of Parnassus, these records dirt not limited.

“We sent the record to the house Committee on intelligence. They also relate the situation with the Ambassador… I think there are several important aspects. The President himself says: thank you Madam Ambassador. Get rid of her. This is one of the first times when he tries to dismiss the Ambassador. As I said, the lion of Parnassus, he was shocked that the President can say: get rid of her”, — said the lawyer Parnassus Joseph Bondi.

Opponents of trump ready to use these records as proof that he is familiar with the Parnassus and Romanom. Although the President denied it.

“Republicans in the Senate don’t want to call witnesses in the case of impeachment. And now it must be changed. Because now we get information from someone who is likely to witness! Who is close to Trump and involved in this campaign to blackmail Ukraine. This recording lasts nearly an hour and a half. There is solid evidence. And if the Senate is not interested in them, it will be a miscarriage of justice,” — said the expert on international Affairs XII.

the tramp, when it was reported about compromising, stated that it did not require the dismissal of the Ambassador.

“I would not say this. I could tell there was Rudy and someone else, but I don’t I don’t hide it. I wish I were the ambassadors, which I chose, and I have that right. I can appoint and dismiss ambassadors, and this is very important,” says trump.

Interestingly, audio recording published almost simultaneously with the scandal surrounding Secretary of state Michael Pompeo. The American journalist stated that he yelled at her because of the question about the former after. Meanwhile, impeachment is Trump. The Democrats made the announcement of his position in the Senate. The turn of the lawyers trump.