Girl with down syndrome from Ufa presented its own collection of dresses

Sasha’s Dream was fulfilled. Girl with down syndrome from Ufa presented its own collection of dresses. “News” has already told in our broadcasts about how Alexander is involved in theatrical productions and provides moral support to children with disabilities. Than she surprised Ufimtsev this time – a special report Anwar Aslamova.

She is the mastermind, and mother — artist. Alexander Urvantseva – “Sunny child” who wants to people with down syndrome treated with at least respect. This dress Sasha calls a reflection of their soul — the eyes and tears. From what a lot of hard to understand special children and the difficulties they faced.

the Work of Sasha’s diagnosis is not obstructed. She participates in theatrical productions, playing the role model, in his spare time making soap, and even dreams and draws. Mostly women’s suits and dresses. Many ideas have managed to bring to life.

Prepared sketches Alexandra, so that’s enough for the whole store — and it soon became clear that one Natalia Urvantseva not cope. To help with tailoring a new collection called fashion theatre “Energy” at the pedagogical University. However, the idea of the project “Sasha Dream” is much more global.

the Students only partly finished sketches starting designer clothes, some are left unchanged. All the rest — the handiwork of craftsmen and craftswomen.

part of the collection Alexander Urvantsev presented in the contest of young designers “Fashion Territory” in Ufa. The participants of the show came from the regions of Russia and CIS countries. Special nomination — for people with disabilities.

In the category “Fashion without borders” — three teams. They are all designer clothes. Moreover, not only for fashionistas or a little mobile citizens, but even for guide dogs.

Behind the scenes – last preparations before the show. Cloudb owners guide “Aktyrnak” fighting for the right of visually impaired people to travel on public transport with dogs. And free to go with them to shopping centres and food service establishments.

most Importantly, organizers say that people with disabilities might find yourself in fashion design or fashion business. And they largely succeeded.

the Project “Sasha Dream” is definitely one of the highlights of the three-day competition for young designers. The beauty and brevity dresses girls with down syndrome did not leave the audience indifferent.

the Result of the works the whole of the sewing Department was pleased with the author and main inspirer of the project “Sasha Dream”.

But progress on Alexander Urvantseva does not intend to stop and continued to dream. She is now making soap for sale — saving money in the summer to go with my mother on the Black sea.

Text: GTRK “Bashkortostan”