Work on dual-screen Android smartphone, Microsoft showed in the video

In October, Microsoft unveiled a concept smartphone Duo Surface: the device has two 5.6 inch screens (1350×1800), which are arranged in a common display with a diagonal of 8.6 inches. Inside the Duo – 855 Snapdragon chip and runs on Android clamshell with a slightly modified in the spirit of Windows 10X (special version of Windows for dual-screen devices) shell.

this week the company opened an Android emulator, allowing developers to be adapted to their projects. And the designer Jonas Denert put the animation interface and the navigation gestures on the picture with the Duo that allows you to get some idea of how “live” will look Android apps on dual screens Duo.

In context – this feels even more magical.

– Jonas Daehnert (@PhoneDesigner) January 22, 2020

the nearly 2-minute video shows how the interface elements are shifted to the sides and “flow” from one display to another. Android-shell Duo will work with two programs in parallel, or you can make one screen to complement the second (e.g., the left side can be open the settings menu and the right the contents of one of its sections).

By default, applications run in full-screen mode, and when a new – the first passes on the opposite display. Android task Manager is displayed on only one screen, but users can drag the program to another.

As expected, the Duo will be released by the fall of 2020. In addition to Microsoft, over foldable dual-screen models work with partners, including Dell, HP, Lenovo and Asus. More about the Android emulator and Windows 10X company will talk at the BUILD conference 2020, held from 19 to 21 may.

Text: To.Hi-tech