In Moscow, the winners of national film award “Golden eagle”.

Alice brunovna the Freundlich hall meets a standing ovation, and the applause does not cease — unsurpassed — received an honorary award for his contribution to Russian cinema. Great Alice at the pre-ceremony path, rather sheepishly ran than passed.

Other guests and nominees on the red carpet was rather delayed. Alexander Petrov, for example, for the second consecutive year in the category “actor” competes with himself. And it is received. And took the stage at a run.

“Golden eagles” in the hands of the victors. And here they are, the first and the most vivid emotions to the flash of cameras and surrounded by reporters.

Sergei Ursulyak the award “Golden eagle” for his “stormy weather.” Series as strong as ever, if the Directors prefer the marathon distance, and who now say that television not the big screen.

Marked by another ambitious project of the channel “Russia 1” — “Godunov: more than a movie, a real historical Saga.

“T-34” is an absolute hit and the audience leader on number of nominations. And here Alexey Sidorov is awarded immediately and as a screenwriter and as a Director.

the Eagles came to gentle “Odessa” — music written by Anna Drubich for the female role of the second plan, played by Evgenia Brik. In the absence of the winners of the statuette was received by the Director Todorovski and producer Yarmolnik.

the Film 2019 named “Text”. The results of kinogoda welcomes the new Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova, no stranger to the film industry people.

“Two years ago I started “the Golden eagle” and was very nervous because I had just been appointed Director of the Department of cinematography. I thought, I tomorrow to go to work and deal. I think we did, I’m insanely grateful for that, dear industry, dear industry,” — Lubimov confessed.

the Culmination of the ceremony — all the winners barely fit on Mosfilmovskaya stage. Russian movie really nailed it.