Golikova spoke about mortality and the spread of new infections

In Russia, we expect a significant increase in mortality in may. This was stated by Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova at meeting on the sanitary-epidemiological situation. The broadcast led TV channel “Russia 24”.

“Our analysis, as well as smooth the offset curve of the epidemic in Russia right on the timing, suggests that a serious increase in the mortality rate will be recorded in may,” he said.

She stressed that the situation of deaths from the coronavirus in Russia never disappeared.

According to Golikova, in our country, the growth rate of the detection of coronavirus, 10 days saw a decline of 22.5 percent. In measuring the average growth rate dropped to 3.7 percent, today it is 2.8 per cent.

Now the prevalence of COVID-19 less than or equal to 1 in 47 regions of Russia. In 28 regions it is less than 1. This ratio shows how many people the average time to infect one patient to his isolation.

Deputy Prime Minister believes that the healthcare system of our country has stood the test of pandemic.

“Today, despite all the difficulties and gloom predictions that were given, we can safely say that the medical system has withstood the test,” he said.

however, she urged heads of regions “to critically observe further mitigation” and control the observance of sanitary and hygienic measures the lifting of restrictions. According to her, despite the stabilization of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus still remains quite fragile.