Headache tablets cause headaches

In the broadcast channel “Russia 1” the doctor Alexander Myasnikov said that some pills can only strengthen it.

Answering a question from TV viewer from Omsk Natalia Demina, who complained of constant headaches and asked for help, the butchers told about farmacevticheskom the phenomenon – some pain medications may contribute to headaches.

Treatment of headache is not a simple subject. Most often it is the so-called “tension headache” when they begin to hurt the muscles and ligaments fasci covering the head. In this type of pain becomes easier during the massage, he reminded the butchers led the Council, known for the TV series “17 moments of spring”, when Stirlitz Mueller advised: “Sir, put your left hand on the back of the head, some fingers, right on the forehead. And start massaging, just close your eyes.”

People who suffer headache and have to take many pills, said the doctor: “You know them well, it’s ibuprofen, diclofenac, Ketoprofen, Ketorolac, and others. Their name is Legion.” However, drinking large amounts of painkillers – more than 15 tablets per month, on the contrary can contribute to headache medication.

“Drugs violate the threshold. The receptors that perceive pain, not only “deaf”, they become super-sensitive,” said butchers. You have to assign such patients the antidepressants of the first generation who migrate pain receptors back into a less sensitive form.

“Better pills to help cope with the pain fresh air, proper food, weight and more movement and good mood”, – advised the butchers.

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