Here is the shower: the shower got to the hallways and apartments vladivostoktsev

heavy rains have hit the Primorye on Friday, declared a storm warning. Today 26 of June and 27 of June in region the rains will continue. In Vladivostok seats are expected very heavy rainfall with more than 50 millimetres less than 12 hours.

Utilities are taking steps to rapid discharge of water and clearing blockages on separate sections of the storm sewer. However, the rains so strong that the water began to flow into the hallways and into the apartment. As reports “News: Primorye”, the residents of the house on Second street Industrial, 6 Vladivostok posted footage of rain in the entryway.

Users emotionally commented on what they saw.

– Here is a shower, a roof that do not?

– my Granny in the hut it was never so.

– You can’t even imagine how we are pouring in the entrance!

Note, according to Novozhilov, 27 a similar situation, heavy rain entered the room. The streets and Svetlanskaya Edge because of the flooding restricted travel. More than a hundred houses in Vladivostok remained without electricity and water.

as for the street Edge, this plot drowns rains constantly. Machine, overcoming water obstacle, lose their numbers. Someone from concerned citizens gathered them up and put in a number so the owners could get them later. Witnesses say that appeared in the “graveyard” car license plates.

in addition, on the street Nevelsky another car drowned in a big puddle.

“comrade from the acceleration flew there. Wave above the roof! And swam, in the literal sense. This guys tough! The thought of people, is unclear. Don’t know whether to pull it or not? The head to think” — says an eyewitness of the incident.

And in arteme part of the construction of a pedestrian pavement collapsed under the pressure of the elements. The builders had not thought about the drainage. In the end, the flood washed away the pavement under construction.

the Peak of bad weather in Vladivostok is expected to be from 16 to 19 hours, according to “News:Primorye” on the air TVanal “Russia 24”. According to specified data, the rainfall intensity is not less than 15 millimeters in 3 hours.

Text: GTRK “Vladivostok”