Hostel apartment has: - isolation did not prevent dealers to bring customers buses

They are not confused neither fines nor mode isolation: in Naro-Fominsk hostel and settled right in the building, and guests are brought there by buses. The locals are afraid to once again leave the apartments. Why the institution continues to work even after numerous checks?

Inhabitants of this house in Naro-fomisk have to share a stairwell with dozens of strangers. They are all guests at the hostel, which is located on the second floor with three apartments. Fights and fights happen here almost every weekend.

Calls the police, unfortunately, to no avail. Just last week, we called. Noise, DIN, drinking.

Workers are brought here by bus. Settlement they are waiting at the entrance. Big companies go to smoke. Residents are afraid to release children of one of the apartments.

– Back to the neighbor’s daughter and saw that is a dead man, and beside him, the two shaking men. She ran in shock with tears. One person was from this hostel, two came to visit him.

a Private entrance, as required by the new law, the hostel is not equipped and it looks like his owners to do is not planning. The other inhabitants of the house feel like a communal apartment. Administrator, which, apparently, and lives, to communicate with journalists did not become.

In each room of the hostel are bunk beds.

– How many people live here?

Yet five.

On the walls of the announcements calling for cleanliness and requests not to go in the Nude. Judging by the complaints of the residents, they help slightly.

– half-Naked people in shorts, flip-flops and shirtless. And in between we make our way, walking home.

the Fact that the apartment runs the hostel, the owners don’t seem to hide. There are even book reviews and suggestions for guests, but so far hasn’t written.

the Inhabitants of the hostel tell us that live here at the expense of the employer. On the complaints about the noise the workers are responsible that all those who were noisy, long since moved out, and promise that nothing like again.

– All buharikov drove out, now all is calm and quiet.

Hostel-I checked the CPS. It turned out that the premises are translated in uninhabited Fund. Because they are not equipped with a separate entrance, fined 10 thousand rubles. There is an order to eliminate violations. Even went to court, but at the time of the quarantine, proceedings came to a standstill. The hostel continues to take guests. As the rooms on the second floor, you may receive separate entrance, locals can only guess.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”