How to walk to avoid a fine: the main thing about the easing of restrictions in Moscow as of 1 June

Moscow is preparing for a new phase of easing restrictions. Since Monday, June 1, the city will allow walking and playing sports on the streets, open parks and shopping centers. But the risk of infection remains, therefore, going outside, will have to follow certain rules. Can I be fined for a walk near the house in which you are registered?

They have the scooter washed, and the wheels of the strollers checked, and even backpack collected. Martha and Dasha has not left the house since the end of March and here on Monday, finally go for a walk.

you can Walk strictly from 9 am to 9 PM. Houses were divided into six categories. Each will appoint two weekdays and one day off for walking. To know your schedule on the site you just need to enter the address. Go for a walk need a mask. It is recommended to walk within a radius of two kilometers from the house, and in any case to bring the registration or rental agreement. Patrol can check in your day you walked out of the house. For violation of the schedule the penalty to 4 thousand rubles.

From 1 June and opened in Moscow parks. Here, however, is also not without restrictions — on a bench not sit, playgrounds are still closed. Have to respect and safe distance — workers just draw a reminder.

to Go to the Park by car or public transport is impossible, and if walking is too much, then the doors of the Park may be closed.

“Current information on the utilization of parks Muscovites can get on the Internet-portal “Yandex” or on the website of the mayor of Moscow friendships. There you can see the full schedule of walks in the parks”, — said the Director of the joint Directorate “Mosgorpark” Victoria Haralanova.

to play sports in the street every day but only from 5 to 9 am. Playgrounds remain closed, but the bases and stadiums from June 1, expect professional athletes that the last two months training at home.

“on June 19 will be the first Rugby match. Preparation time a little, waiting for Monday to fully prepared to meet this new challenge”,” — shared the player of the Rugby club CSKA and the national team of Russia Vasily Artemyev.

Open and the Bicycle. In a period of quarantine to use them could only couriers and volunteers. Monday can.

“Every Bicycle on an average day is used six times. We ask that our users be required to use gloves when traveling and to carry out disinfectant treatment”, — said the head of public rental Maxim Akimov.

once Again began to spin the drums of washing machines. Those who passed up his dry cleaning prior to quarantine, on Monday, finally able to pick them up. Give taken two months ago, orders are prepared by employees of the Shoe and repair shops.

In clothing stores rearrange to the Monday halls need to be safe for the customers.

“we will Clean stalls, leave one to safely you can try on the shoes. Purchase sanitizer, even mask an additional place,” — said the Director of the shop Sergey Ditkovskiy.

Just opens 56 thousand enterprises. Will work for 300 thousand employees. In shopping centers open their doors to 90 percent of the stores. Here precautions are most stringent.

“On the inputs we will supply the vending machines for the sale of the masks, the gloves. Will stand imagers — if a person has a temperature above 37, we will recommend him not to visit the shopping center”, — said General Director of the management company of the shopping center Vladimir Dovbysh.

Restaurants, food courts, cinemas, hairdresser, children’s and leisure centres will remain closed. Now the CPS razrulivaet new rules.