Goalkeeper Ron-Thorben Hoffmann, who was loaned to AFC Sunderland by FC Bayern Munich, has made allegations against the English club after suffering a corona infection. “When I came back after seven days of quarantine, it went right back into the goal – although the quick test was still slightly positive. I had to play with Corona,” said the 23-year-old in a “Bild” interview.

“I wasn’t doing well physically, but the club wanted me to be tougher,” said Hoffmann. He was afraid of getting myocarditis like Bayern professional Alphonso Davies or Rune Jarstein from Hertha BSC.

The report contained “a number of false and inaccurate allegations,” it said in a statement published by AFC Sunderland on its website. The club have contacted the player’s agents to clarify the comments made. It went on to say that the club has “fully complied with all guidelines and protocols throughout the Covid-19 pandemic”. It is ensured that the health and well-being of all employees is protected at all times.

According to the information, Hoffmann finally flew to Munich for investigations in February and then did not play any more games for the third division team, where he was previously a regular goalkeeper. His loan contract in Sunderland expires, his contract with FC Bayern runs until the summer of 2023.

Hoffmann apparently wants to join a second division club in Germany and is in talks with Eintracht Braunschweig, among others. “In this league I want to establish myself as a regular goalkeeper next season. My big goal is to get promoted to the Bundesliga,” he said.