In early voting on amendments to the Constitution already adopted by thousands of Russians

Members of election commissions every day, go to inaccessible and remote areas of our country, to bring residents and military ballots. Flew helicopters and outposts on the Northern coast of the Kola Peninsula.

Disinfection mandatory for all. Like the mask. Passport only at a distance. Recommendations health doctors here comply with military discipline.

the Turnout here is always 100% in the military are combat watch in turns to speak out their opinion could all without exception. For many it is the first in their lives vote.

the mainland can’t see here from several months to years, around hundreds of miles of tundra, so every visit of representatives of the election commissions as a holiday. And if the military is changing every few months, some civilian live for decades.

For a full day are able to visit only 5 sites with a total of 60 people, but even for the sake of one vote of the election Commission is ready to overcome hundreds of kilometers.

“We still knew in advance that it will be still in advance we were going. The plots are, in principle, have always formed, they are from year to year the same, the equipment is, we can hold a vote any time,” — said Maria Klivansky, Chairman of the Kola TEAK Murmansk region.

To the distant posts of the North coast of the Kola Peninsula, can be reached only by sea or helicopter. No distance, no wheeled equipment will not work.

Overflights and inspections of remote areas in the region will continue.