In Estonia found the remains of a Soviet pilot and the wreckage of the Il-2

In Estonia, a local resident found in the peat remains of the pilot of the red air force and fragments of the Il-2. How to write a newspaper Postimees, in the cavity after a little excavation he found the metal part of the mounts of the parachute, which was in the closed position. Shooter Il-2 jumped out with a parachute, and the pilot apparently tried to make an emergency landing.

As the learned members of the historical club “Funnels,” 30 August 1944, a group of stormtroopers attacked ammunition depots in Meleski. According to archival records, the Luftwaffe of Germany, one of the Soviet aircraft was hit by Knight’s cross holder Gerhard Tibenham piloting the fighter.

After the explosion of a failed landing part of the body of the pilot were scattered over a large distance. Local residents buried them in a hole from the fall Il-2 and the detonation of munitions.

the search Engines could detect the number of the aircraft, and they hope to establish the name of the pilot with 90% probability. Found the remains given to the club of military history Front Line for reburial on Marcuscom cemetery near Tallinn in may.