In Iran, called trump's

“the End evil US presence in West Asia began,” — wrote in “Twitter” Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif under the multi-million photographs of the funeral procession on parting with General Soleimani. The dead man’s daughter Zeinab had publicly promised that “families of American soldiers in the middle East will live in anticipation of the death of their children”, and Iranian television, broadcasting the ceremony, continuously showed footage with black and red flags, meaning the Shiites, the inevitability of revenge.

Killed by the Americans, Soleimani eventually pass away more than 3 million people. In Tehran, not just buried legendary General — he becomes a banner of the Shiite world, which will now go all the followers of the Caliph Ali, who considers USA enemy number 1.

And again curses against US — they did not subside since the murder, neither in Iran nor in Iraq. And tears Iran’s Supreme leader Khamenei. Mourns the Ayatollah General of the IRGC, and while no one knows how many will have to pay for those tears. The daughter of the murdered General is confident that the pay will be.

But the life of the President of America in Iran was estimated at a dollar each inhabitant of the country. The proposal was made in the state television of the Republic, he was voiced by the organizer of the funeral ceremony. Quote: “Anyone who would bring the head of this yellow-haired freak, we’ll give 80 million dollars on behalf of the great Iranian nation.”

trump one order broke everything painfully designed previous administrations, Washington has destroyed the nuclear deal, has pushed Iran to rapidly develop nuclear weapons, has lost an ally in the region.

“You want to listen to clowns that give you tips about our region? And you still think you can break the will of this great nation and its people? Started the disastrous end of the US presence in West Asia,” said Trump on Twitter Javad Zarif.

Murder Soleimani is now a factoR consolidation in the Shiite world, as once the Islamic revolution in Iran. Then, by the way, the Americans provoked the population of Iran to oust the Shah and to call the Ayatollah. The Pro-American regime of Mohammed Pahlavi was bloody, and authoritarian, all of this and then pushed the Iranian public into the arms of the clergy. Now that to US is worse: Iraqi Shiites and the majority of them, openly perceive Americans as occupiers, Sunnis in Iraq after the overthrow of Hussein the U.S. military has delivered them to the slaughter. Al-Sadr, the spiritual leader of Iraqi Shiites, called for the establishment of an international coalition with Iran, anti-American coalition. Even Sunnis in the region seem to be confused. The Americans have not valued allies, but now it looks quite indecent.

“We concern the situation with the assassination of General Soleimani in Baghdad from the point of view of maintaining peace and security in the region, especially in Iraq,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

by the Way, Iranian President Rouhani has already invited his Turkish counterpart to unite against trump. Erdogan is to be offended. Not only has Erdogan — East remembers everything.