In Moscow, died one of the oldest inhabitants of the city

In Moscow, died one of the oldest inhabitants of the city of Alexander Malyshev. In October she would have turned 110 years old.

Alexandra Yakovlevna was not the night of 8 June. According to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, she died at the hands of her favorite grandson.

during the great Patriotic war Malysheva worked in the rear at the factory. In the peaceful years of Alexander Y. were the cashier and the ticket office, and later as a cashier-inspector.

From malyshevoy has a daughter who gave birth to her grandson. Close relative together with his wife the past six years lived with his grandmother to help her in connection with health problems.

Relatives said that Alexander Malysheva in the twilight of his life, had difficulty walking and could not go out. Three days before her death her condition deteriorated, started having problems breathing. As the newspaper notes, the ambulance called a few times, but grandma was afraid to be hospitalized. The cause of death of the pensioner is not explained.

In September 2019 in TASS spoke about the oldest inhabitant of Moscow, which at that time was 119 years.