In the Duma believe that Iran created the conditions for nuclear development

Iran now has all the conditions for nuclear development, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Dmitry Novikov.

In his opinion, a reasonable response to provocation is a demonstration of the resolve to withstand pressure from outside, the demonstration including their own people. After all, citizens expect that the government will protect their national interests.

a Final rejection of the nuclear deal showed that Iran does not intend to miss a beat from the ocean, because the murder of General Soleimani has shown, how far can an American President Donald trump.

the MP is sure that this does not mean that Iran can hope to negotiate.

moreover, he added that nuclear development is a long process, the development of new types of weapons in one night doesn’t happen. Coming out of the nuclear deal, Iran has proved that he is going to be in this process, reports “Interfax”.