In Yekaterinburg opened parks and playgrounds

This opportunity they were waiting for a few weeks now and not hide the joy. Lovers of strength training back to outdoor playgrounds. Sports in the middle Urals is now possible, but only in the fresh air and keeping social distance.

Faced with the fact that the house do not have equipment, that is extracted some weights, dumbbells from the bins got, now, of course, in the presence of such sites where there are ropes, rings, parallel bars, horizontal bars, of course it’s good.

Another joy for the citizens — walking in the theme parks that opened after a long break. In the first days they were visited by hundreds of guests. Most children on bikes and scooters.

At the same time in the work of parks remains weak. The region is still on a regime of self-isolation. And in public places must wear a protective mask. Kindergartens closed, but each district has a duty group. Getting there can be children whose parents are engaged in continuous production.

Partially resumed its work institutions which have a license for the provision of medical services. In addition to clinics and hospitals, this dental and cosmetic clinic.

the Planned intake in children’s outpatient clinics are temporarily suspended, but the vaccination campaign was decided to resume. During a pandemic each child is attended individually, in compliance with all health requirements.

Doctors are immunized from measles, whooping cough and tetanus. All children under three years of age must supply 16 mandatory vaccinations.