Indexing, sovereignty and the understanding of marriage: that interests of the callers on the hotline

In Moscow earned the press center, where volunteers and opinion leaders, politicians and those who directly worked on the draft of the new Constitution, by phone will answer questions of citizens on the amendments to the main law of the country. Ask the question in a single number 8-800-100-0972. Volunteers are ready to give clarification on any item. Mainly interested in caller? Questions on the “Russia 24” said the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas — Chairman of the working group on amendments to the Constitution.

Hello, Andrey! Now in the next hour live radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” here in the call centre, you answer the questions of those who is calling. Please tell me that are mainly interested in caller? And what are the issues in the top?

People, in fact, very well informed about the content of constitutional amendments. It makes me happy! And people are asking some detailed questions that concern the social block of the amendments, the issues of indexation of social benefits. Great detail interested in whether or not the amendment on territorial integrity will protect our state from what we will lose certain areas. That is, issues of sovereignty and protection of sovereignty remain very relevant.

Interested in, of course, and the issues related to God in the Constitution, with the advent of this concept. Interested in issues related to the traditional understanding of marriage as the Union of a man and woman.

There are legal issues, for example, will change anything in the mode of ownership in the case of the adoption of these amendments. That is, people are quite well versed in the amendments to the Constitution and to clarify, talking about some of their concerns, views, and a simpleabout Express their position, and this position is very interesting! Because we drafted these amendments based on the suggestions of people on the basis of proposals of citizens. So now is also a kind of feedback to see how people perceive these formulations. And I think that they are clear, and people are satisfied with the answers.

I look like work here are volunteers – indeed, great guys, and girls, meet the very friendly, listen to people. I think this is a very good idea to organize such a direct line to the people and asked the question, and expressed his point of view. Because for us, particularly for me, as a member of Parliament, it is very important to hear the point of view of people on the proposed changes.

– I also now like, listen, what questions to ask volunteers. Of course, the leaders, the question of indexation of pensions, and those relating to minimum wage. What are you asking?

you Know, there’s concern people, and we understood perfectly that it would be – people would, of course, the Constitution to see more details in this regard, I would like to see almost directly specified percent of the index, more clearly described periodicity. But when we talk, when we explain how the law, people agree that these things will be regulated by special legislation. That is, in the case of the adoption of these amendments, in special laws will be much more details. So here is the moment people are concerned about: how these amendments will really work. That’s about it, now is it! People do not doubt their necessity, but they are concerned about how quickly these amendments will earn.

– But in any case, will be subject to regular indexation of social benefits, and it will also be fixed?

– of Course! This is a very important signal to society, to the Parliament, in particular, that these new principles are now described in the amendment, will be built and social legislation, and budget planning. People need to be sure that this will be indeed!

hotline for amendments to the Constitution organized by the holding VGTRK and the publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.