On the big screens of the country — a real “Invasion”. New year in the cinema of Russia began with a space battle and save the planet from the aliens.

From this window projectionists control the screening of the film. Now the system is preparing for the launch of the film on the big screen. The session will begin in a few minutes.

the Land goes under the water and in the sky alien ships. Our world is threatened by an artificial intelligence from another galaxy. This story is not about the distant future. In the center of the story — Moscow. These days. To flood the city so realistic, the best the animators drew 2,000 frames.

“Invasion” continues familiar to the audience the history of the Universe “Attraction”, which became the most successful Russian painting in 2017.

“the cast is super! All my favorite actors! — says the spectator.

Exciting graphics and underwater photography. The main character, an ordinary girl from district Chertanovo, has superpowers after contact with a stranger.

“it all Started with the fact that I came to try on a costume to our costume designers, and I was immediately dipped into the bathroom to see how the texture will look. And I immediately realized that it is now: very wet,” says the actress Irina Starshenbaum.

“I liked the special effects, they failed our Fyodor Bondarchuk,” says the spectator Natalia Lobanova.

Here, in Samara, in the center of the space industry of Russia, where they build launch vehicles “Soyuz”, the sci-Fi look with special interest. Our technology against the alien.

“It’s the military, our space force is all-boggling,” says the spectator.

“If you compare Russian and foreign fiction, we have more special effects, we’re better,” — said another viewer.

a Painting by Fyodor Bondarchuk was released in the first day of the New year and already claims the title of chief of the hit RRussia this month.

the Invasion of Russian film in the world box office too soon — 3 Jan. The film will start in Europe and Asia.