Irina Otieva called himself a

The “Live” – confession Irina Otieva. Her voice was mesmerizing, the singer called the “Queen of jazz” and compared with Pugacheva and Valley, and the song from the film “You never dreamed” her performance is loved by millions of listeners until now.

However, in recent years Otieva almost never leaves home and abuses alcohol. She calls herself “old woman Izergil” and admits she has already bought space in the cemetery for himself and his 86-year-old mother, in order not to burden these troubles the daughter.

Irina gave birth to Her 37 when the situation is already desperate to become a mother. But life went downhill when it turned away from all the colleagues on the stage and even the closest people: my grandparents, who retired from the family father, niece and sister.

Otieva says she just “spit” from the pop, and not your favorite things, she lost the meaning of life.

Irina says that after she stopped to remove the TV from the horizon immediately lost so-called friends, among them – and Russian stars of the first magnitude.

They didn’t even come to the 50th anniversary of the singer, although personally Otieva all invited.

Why the once famous singer was abandoned by all? What really surprised Alexander Pishchikov, with whom Irene young the wedding was planned, and why it was not held?

How to explain the “exile” from the stage otaway the famous music critic Sergei Neighbors? Why is confession called Irina a “verdict” of the Russian show business?

Is it possible to help Irina to overcome depression and regain the desire to live? And that wished his pupil Lev Leshchenko?

About this in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.