Ivanovskoe monster: in Kostroma remember the terrible tornado of 1984

In Kostroma remember the terrible tornado that struck the area on June 9, 1984. In the story he was called “Ivan the beast”, as most suffered Ivanovo and Yurievets, Luh and Furmanov districts of the region.

the Main impact of elements occurred in the camp, “Ilia” in the Kostroma region. As reports GTRK “Kostroma”, about five o’clock the sky was suddenly shrouded in a huge dark blue cloud. There was a heavy downpour with hail the size up to three inches. Then there was a black cloud. It began to change, and the funnel dropped to the ground, expanding in diameter and sucking all around. Up rose the trees, panel houses. In brick buildings took the roof and blew out Windows. To appreciate the enormous destructive force of a tornado allows photo showing: water tank weighing 40 tons was moved to 400 meters. Almost all the buildings in the pioneer camp named after Yuri Gagarin was badly damaged.

Liquidation of consequences of elements were engaged by the Marines and cadets of hemofilia. Victims of natural phenomena in Kostroma region were 17 people, more than 500 were injured.

Text: GTRK “Kostroma”