Khakamada was not allowed to speak at the Kiev

Russian economist, publicist and politician Irina Khakamada will not give to speak at a “Forum big dreamers” (DreamBIG Forum), which is scheduled for 27 February in Kiev. This was announced by the organizers of the event in his Facebook Sunday, January 5.

They said that he had invited to the forum speakers from different parts of the world to share experiences, useful knowledge and values. “But it turned out that some of these values, in fact, not meet our. And we learned about it later than I would like,” explained the organizers.

They apologized to the guests of the forum for that announced the performance of the Hakamada will not take place.

“There are things that are important and sacred, and the position of them cannot be ambiguous,” wrote the organizers of the forum, representatives Taryan Group.