Kolyma - the leaders in the number of cases COVID-19 in the country

In the Magadan region extended the high alert till June 23. Part of the restrictive measures was to cancel this week, but relief had to be postponed. The reason for this decision was a significant increase in cases of mers and the massive arrival of workers, who are often infected, reports GTRK “Magadan”.

Recall, the new hearth COVID-19 was identified on the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP. Health care providers, infectious disease specialists and health Srednekanskaya hospital took samples for the presence of disease in shift workers. They all, presumably, in contact with the first sick coronavirus employees of the company.

doctors assessed the living conditions in the hostel. The result was the discovered violations of sanitary regulations. Another problem is the General dining room, which was periodically visited and residents located near the hydroelectric power station of the town of Seimchan. Currently the hostel was closed for a 14-day quarantine.

the Situation remains complex in Magadan. In the city House of the child COVID-19 immediately revealed at 11 employees. The facility is also under quarantine. In addition, Yagodninsky remain closed and Susumansky district. Out only with negative tests for coronavirus.

Note, the region still has a strict mask mode. The regional authorities carried out every day online meeting on the situation with coronavirus infection. In the present study COVID-19 in Kolyma is held in record volume – the number of tests is 6 times higher than normal.

Now in the Magadan region operates the first phase of the lifting of restrictions. Residents are allowed to walk, exercise with the observance of the distance, to visit beauty salons and hairdresser. However, the introduction of the second phase pending the decision of the authorities, as the epidemiological situation in the regionnot still dysfunctional. The region actively attracts shift workers. During each race, several people reveal COVID-19.

“We are well prepared. All actions are developed, the staff mobilized. According to the forecasts of physicians, the coming weeks will be the most complex of the Kolyma river. The decline of incidence is expected after in the region will call all shift workers. Then, perhaps the authorities will begin to weaken the restrictions,” — said the Governor of the Magadan region Sergey Nosov.

Text: GTRK “Magadan”