The price of tickets in Russia began to grow following the increase in demand

the Demand for tickets and their price is steadily rising recently, according to the bookings of the Internet service Biletix for travelers, which led RIA “Novosti”.

sales of tickets round-trip from early may to early June, recovered from 4.3 to 25.1 percent from last year.

market Participants expect the end of the year the recovery of demand for airline tickets up to 50 percent from last year.

Russia on 27 March 2020 stopped permanent and Charter flights to other countries due to pandemic coronavirus. With the exception of steel export, freight, postal, sanitary, and humanitarian flights, stretches of empty planes to maintenance, transit flights with a landing to refuel (crew change) in Russia and the flights carried out by separate decisions of the government. From 31 March, Russia has reduced the number of export voyages.

In the end, the passenger traffic of Russian airports in April fell compared to March 2020 11.6 million to 1.47 million, according to the Federal air transport Agency. On international flights, passenger traffic in April fell to 30.4 thousand from 2,544 million in March. The number of passengers on domestic flights fell to 1.44 million from 9.1 million.

the Russian airlines in April, have reduced the transport of passengers to 739,5 thousand 9,365 million people in April 2019, and in comparison with March 2020 2 times.

Passenger traffic in 33 major airports of Russia decreased by 13 April 95% in annual terms. Last time the growth of passenger traffic was recorded on 9 March by 7% yoy, but the next day the index fell by 15%, and 31 March — 75%. By 1 April passenger traffic fell by 83%, 6 April 92%, and up to 12 April, the index remained at the level of 91-93%.