In Siberia and in the Urals, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg are the semi-finals of a new competition for promising managers “Leaders of Russia”.

Through any obstacles to the target. And it’s not just about the vehicles, rather, about the Alexander Gorin. My childhood dream, designing the tanks — he turned into a matter of life. Russia’s only Studio-track machines, where each machine is unique.

The technique is passable, the largest customers. Annual increase in profits — twice. The secret lies in creative management, where a real leader is also an artist.

step by Step — exactly what creates success. To solve the problem effortlessly is not easy, because you need to constantly feel the team.

“Very often need to quickly understand partner. A coach is able to shuffle, constant change, need to adapt,” said Victor Kalinin, Deputy commercial Director for aircraft programs and development.

the time factor is important for the competition table. But here teammate and another competitor for the finals.

to Soar even higher prepared and Dmitri Smirnov. He has headed the testing of the latest Russian aircraft.

“then you start to think differently. If you operated some templates, now I realize that nothing is impossible,” — said Dmitry Smirnov, head of perspective development Department of the FSUE “SibNIA”.

But Natalia Okoneshnikovo — head of therapeutic services from Tyumen, the competition has led literally by the hand. When the diagnosis is “potential leader” is confirmed by the jury long to come to life. “I realized that many other things there are to learn, to develop,” — said Natalia.

More than 20 thousand applications for participation only in the Urals: the financiers, entrepreneurs, engineers… They have achieved much, but there is no upper limit.

NewInca this season — more competition on the three specialization: science, health and Finance and technology. The best of the best will determine during the Grand final in Sochi.