Lebanese authorities have repeatedly requested Japan to issue the Rut

the Government of Lebanon has repeatedly appealed to the Japanese request for the extradition of the former head of the automaker Nissan Carlos Ghosn.

As RIA Novosti reported with reference to the broadcaster Fuji Television Network, the requests continued until the flight of Gon from Japan. Lebanese President Naim Aoun appealed to the head of the Japanese foreign Ministry on 20 December, but he refused. At the same time, government sources denied any connection between the failures of Japan in the results of Gon and his escape.

on December 31 it became known that the rut is in Lebanon. According to one version, his house was a festive concert. Musicians were employees of a private security firm. After the concert, the Rut was taken in the case of a musical instrument. Japan, he left on a private jet. Probably there he also sat in the box, otherwise it is not clear how he got past passport control. At the same time, the Lebanese party claims that the gon had left Japan legally.

currently, the Japanese police are looking for those who helped Gon. His house was searched.

the head of the automaker was three passport — Lebanese, French and Brazilian. They were all lawyers. However, according to the channel NHK, the gon carried with him another French passport. It was made in may last year and was in a portable safe. The key was kept at the solicitors. Rather, it is for the passport of the former head of the automaker managed to enter Lebanon. The Tokyo Prosecutor’s office believes that the departure from Japan was made illegal.

the trial of the Gun was to be held in the spring of 2020. Prior to that time he was under house arrest and were not allowed to leave Japan.