In Paris the campaign against racism and police violence, reports channel “Russia 24”. According to police, it involves hundreds of people. They gathered at the Republic square and the column moved through the streets. The protesters are carrying a banner with the inscription “Let us breathe”.

In London, a mass event is held under the slogan “black Lives matter.” Protesters campaigning against racism, take to the streets for the fourth weekend in a row, despite the ban of the Assembly because of the pandemic coronavirus. The reason for the actions was death in the U.S. African-American George Floyd, who was killed during the arrest. The policeman put his knee to the man’s neck and held him so more than eight minutes. As a result, the African American died because of cardiopulmonary insufficiency.

Earlier it was reported that the place where the incident occurred, became the object of religious pilgrimage. Hundreds of people come to Minneapolis to participate in the “revival services” and claim to witnessed miracles. There are even rites of baptism. For this middle of the road put a bath in which to dip people. Alleged citizens who have applied thus to God, reconciled to each other regardless of skin colour.