the Next flagship Samsung smartphone will indeed be named in honor of the coming 2020-th year. This, as well as several design features of the device, confirm the real photo has not yet announced the news.

Pictures of Samsung Galaxy S20+ has been published on the website of XDA Developers. The name of the smartphone confirms the image that appears on the screen when booting. In the photo the front panel it is seen that selfie camera decided to move. If Galaxy S10 and S10+ it was located in the upper right corner of the display, now moved it in the middle like the Galaxy Note10.

the Scope is very narrow, but a small difference in the thickness between the upper and lower engineers of the Korean company to get so far failed. But the screen curves at the edges, which were pleasant not to all users, decreased the source, who was holding a smartphone in hand, contends that the edges of the device are perceived as almost flat.

the new Samsung rear confirms the emergence of a massive PV panel: there are two rows contain five lenses of different size and flash. According to rumors, the main camera will be equipped with a 108-megapixel sensor. Complement its telephoto lens, sverkhshirokopolosnykh, macro lens and another sensor (perhaps the ToF-sensor).

the New Samsung smartphone will be officially presented on 11 February at an event in San Francisco.

Text: To.Hi-tech