London will cover a network of cameras with face recognition

the capital of the UK will cover a network of CCTV cameras with face recognition function in real-time. According to law enforcement of London, the technology passed the stage of testing and ready to use on a regular basis.

“the facial recognition Technology will be based on intelligence, it will be used in certain places in London, – said the representatives of Scotland Yard. – This will help in the fight against serious crimes, including violence, use of weapons and firearms, sexual exploitation of children, and will also help to protect those who are vulnerable.”

the Cameras will be installed in locations that are popular among the residents of London and tourists (including a shopping Mall “Westfield” and the West End). The system will compare the faces of people with the suspects, listed as “wanted for serious and violent crimes,” police said. If a match is found, to a passerby will approach the police and ask to verify the identity, the BBC notes.

Scotland Yard say they use algorithms from NEC that have been “tried and tested”. On tests technology has identified 70% of people wanted and were wrong in one case out of thousands.

I disagree With this human rights organisation Big Brother Watch. They felt that the technology is unreliable and poses a “serious threat to civil liberties”. As stated by the Director of the group’s Snare Carlo, citing an independent assessment of the system of the London police to be inaccurate in 81% of cases.

Text: To.Hi-tech