Farewell to a legend. The bridge across the Tuloma before disposal moved to a temporary place

the bridge across the Tuloma is shifted farther and farther from its long-term location. Completed the story once the only transport artery, connecting the Eastern and Western shore of the Kola Bay. Says the correspondent GTRK “Murman” Andrey Zaitsev.

Work on the East and West Bank near the municipal centre of the Kola district is underway on all fronts. Preparing to install a new bridge and moving the old one. To move 16 meters in the direction of the river Tuloma. Three quarters of the way completed. Hydraulic cylinders operate at speeds of 1 meter in 20 minutes. In the final version all adopt high quality and safe views.

Leading expert of roads of fku uprdor “Kola” in the Murmansk region Denis Taraschan said, “Will be performed 2 ramp 24 meters in length. The input and output. With storony where we are, dumping will be done and pass. Will lighting, fencing, canopies”.

the Process planned to start in late fall of last year, but due to the multitude passing over the bridge of time communications has moved, however on the overall timetable, experts say it will not impact.

once there was a ferry. The accident happened. Capsized pontoon. 25 people were killed. It was decided to build a bridge. He appeared in 56-m to year. Quality, the strength of the structure at the time, was checking the tanks. Two T-34 went to full confidence in the reliability of the bridge. For the new bridge are already preparing the base.

Denis Taraschan says: “Done pile Foundation No. 1, the works on pile foundations, No. 4. Preparing technological Congress to support # 3. After moving, start device, the intermediate supports. Today, the work in the schedule conducted.”

the Relocation of the superstructure was preceded by the installation of temporary supports. From a technical point of view, the operation is complex. The bridge weighs 800 tonnes. The project documentation elaboratedand to the smallest nuances. To hold the contractor can only severe frosts. The new bridge should be significantly different from its predecessor. 20 meters longer. Capacity will increase to 100 tons, instead of the existing 20.

While the bridge across the Tuloma, and in fact, this is the lip of the Kola Bay, is moving to a temporary place of residence. By early February he will become a pedestrian. And in the fall of 21 years in parallel with the completion of the new bridge, it is removed and disposed of.

Text: GTRK “Murman”