Matured and blossomed. A new way of life dramatically changed former oppozicioneri

Not just the beginning of a new life, and got married. A new twist in the fate of the barbarians Karaulova, the same one that a few years ago tried to escape to Syria, after she was intoxicated ISIS recruiter (banned in Russia, and served two and a half years for participating in the activities of a terrorist group.

Obviously, had much to rethink. And now I have decided to start a family with one of his lawyers, Oleg Yeliseyev. Know about the chosen one quite a bit: he’s a little older spouse is in a large legal office. Therefore, there remains only to wish the newlyweds happiness.

Well, continuing the theme is another very interesting story about how changing attitudes. Hard to believe, but these two photos are one and the same person. Faith Kichanov — a former Russian journalist and blogger. Concurrently, in the not too distant past, the notorious freak-a character from the pseudo company.

Judging by the fresh images in social networks, have changed literally beyond recognition. And not only externally. Sexy girl with bright makeup and English-speaking Twitter, Faith Kichanov now “researcher of the urban environment” in the architecture of Zaha Hadid is a well-known name in the UK. Faith lives in London for four years, studying political economy at king’s College. In Russia she has a very different way was as we would say today, Greta Thunberg from the alleged “opposition”.

“Anime! Anime-a student! It’s very simple and memorable! There is nothing complicated to do. Faith has always been very smart. She got my scholarship here in Oxford, and then now she received first internship with Zaha Hadid at the architectural office and accordingly, there were. Got married, grew my hair, started, then, painted and completely changed, became a completely different Faith,” says Lesya Ryabtseva, a journalist and blogger.

Photo Kichanovo with her first husband, Paul Glorybowerm — it is also very peculiar character — in 2012-m to year became a meme. “Hipsters get married”. They lived for two years and ran, but Faith remembered not only by this marriage, of course. Tried, for example, the issue Dmitry Medvedev ask journalism at Moscow state University, where he received a first education. This is 2011 year. Without accreditation Kichanova and her friends, which no one even remembered the meeting with the President was not allowed, the alleged Russian liberals immediately raised the girl on his banner. And libertarians, too, the party which is not registered in Russia, they have something like anarchism in the Charter, the denial of the state. And Faith in this party consisted. And was an ardent LGBT activist.

“many strategists stopped, for her image as a whole. And libertarians, of course, used it in full. Because it was the most vivid. This is public information, is not some kind of coming out — she was Dating before she got married. She dated one of my friends,” recalls Lesya Ryabtseva, a journalist and blogger.

Around Kichanovo so much noise that she even went into politics — he became a municipal Deputy in southern Tushino. Not really luck, as the subsequent attempt to get into the Moscow city Duma. The girl went to Kiev on the Maidan wave of notorious outlaws, and already then there was Oxford.

“In my memory there were a lot of oppositionists who glibly spoke against the government, were community activists, and the LGBT community — it all goes by the wayside when you begin to live more pragmatic when given a real opportunity to succeed in life — with dignity”, — says Roman Artykutsa, member of the Association of lawyers of Russia.

Next previous “opposition” speeches in the posts Kichanovo to notice and now you can. A certain irony, for example, such phrases: “35 thousand couriers” in Moscow now. So she writes. But aggression is no.

“From his libertarian views girl refused, the only thing they sort of radical flowed in this direction is to educate. She lectures on the subject, again in English, it’s more on a different audience, more emphasis on urban studies, if you look at what she’s doing now. You can say that she is settled down,” — says Natalia Eliseeva, the analyst.

We wrote a Faith, but a request for an interview ex-hipsters and freaks of opposition, and now the economist and assistant to architect — we did not answer. However, her bio speaks for itself, as the story of the survivors of the imaginary “liberal rush.”