Media: the inhabitant Talitsy washed in the machine newborn baby

According to media reports, in the village of Talitsa near Yekaterinburg mother washed in the washing machine of their newborn child. She says that as a result of premature birth, the baby was born dead. It is unknown why she decided to stick it in the washing machine.

It was four generations of women reports Life.Ru. They started at night, the woman did not to Wake anyone. In the morning the husband woke up and saw that a woman covered in blood, and the baby is dead. He went to the police.

it is Known that on the account in female consultation the inhabitant Talitsy was not. She works in a barbershop. Neighbors and acquaintances respond about it as about positive, normal woman, not prone to strange behavior.

whether a baby is stillborn or it died in the washing machine, set examination. Depends on the severity of the punishment. Official comments from law enforcement and the Investigative Committee has not been received.