Modernized Russian Corvette has experienced new weapons

the Corvette “Rumbling” has conducted tests of new weapons in the Barents sea. As explained by the military, military ship torpedo used complex, designed to attack submarines and surface targets. The goals were made by one of the nuclear submarines of the Northern fleet, as well as small anti-submarine ship “Snezhnogorsk”, reports TASS.

“Rumbling” is being tested since November 2019. He has already experienced his main armament: missile system “Caliber” and artillery.

the New Corvette is the project 20385, that is, the modernization of combat ships like “Guarding” or “Smart”. The displacement of “Rumbling” – 2 thousand tons, length of 104 meters.

In November 2019 during the visit of Vladimir Putin shipyard “Yantar” became known that the new Corvette can get hypersonic missiles “Zircon”.