Mortal flesh: it confirmed the danger of a red, processed and white meat

In the scientific community not fade disputes on harm, which carries the consumption of red and processed meat. Recall that in 2019 was published two high-profile studies with conflicting data. One of them claimed that eating even small amounts of red and processed meat increases the risk of death from various diseases, especially cardiovascular. The second work showed that the rejection of red and processed meat brings health not so much benefit.

Experts from northwestern and Cornell universities has again appealed to this topical subject. To get more data, they analyzed the results of six long-term studies conducted in the United States.

the Total sample of participants were almost 30 thousand people, the observation of which was conducted up to three decades.

available To the authors was the medical data of the volunteers, as well as information about their diet and the many factors that may affect these or other health problems.

Experts were primarily interested in the consumption of red and processed meat. Explain that the first category usually include pork, lamb, veal and beef. Under processed meat products are “improved” with chemical additives, Smoking, salting or drying (salami, sausages, bacon and so on).

the Researchers found that people who consumed two servings of red, processed meat or poultry per week and not consumed fish, the risk of developing cardiovascular risk was increased by 3-7%.

meanwhile, those who ate two servings of red or processed meat a week, but indulged in fish and poultry, the risk of premature death from all causes was increased by 3%.

Note that in similar works the total mortality from all causes associated with a reduction or increase risks of various diseases. And under one portion in this case means about 113 grams of meat, poultry or fish.

in addition, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (but not premature death) was 4% higher in people who ate two servings of poultry per week. However, scientists emphasize that the correlation could be associated with the methods of cooking or eating large quantities of fat and skin of birds. (I.e., the problem is not the white meat itself. — approx. ed.)

as for fish, its use was not associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular and other diseases or premature death.

Despite the large sample size, experts believe that the available data is still insufficient to be able to give the public clear guidance on the use of poultry and fish. However, all people without exception nutritionists suggest to refrain from the use of these products in roasted, and also limit the consumption of red and processed meat.

Alternative sources of protein can be seafood, nuts and legumes, and iron-rich beans, lentils and dark green vegetables. Absorb iron from plant sources helps the body vitamin C from citrus and herbs.

“Choose a vegan diet based on this study would be too extreme. There are many good products of animal origin, such as egg whites, raw fish or seafood, low-fat dairy products,” — said in an interview with Newsweek the study’s lead author Victor Zhong (Victor Zhong) from Cornell University.

Scientific article on the results of this work published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

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Text: To.Science