Mother ate the heart of the girl son for money

Resident killed his girlfriend and with his mother ate a dish of her heart and chest during the “devil” of the ritual in order to get rich. According to The British Daily Star, 23-year-old Owolabi Adeeko lured 22-year-old Feyvor Daly Oladele to a hotel, drugged her with drugs and brought to the Church 42-year-old self-proclaimed pastor of the Shogun Philip.

There they together killed the girl, then the pastor cut off her Breasts and cut the heart out. According to the mother of a young offender Bolas Adeeko, she didn’t know what she was offered to eat during the ritual the pastor told her that the ritual brew prepared from the bodies of goats.

the Dead girl was in my last year of University, Lagos state and a few months later was to become the first woman in my family to graduate. After the arrest, all criminal Trinity pastor Philip said that the ritual didn’t work — the money the family Adeeko not increased.