Mother was found in a Moscow apartment babies testify

Police identified the mothers of infants who were found in the apartment on Severo-the East of Moscow. These women have already given evidence.

Five kids, the oldest was about 4 months, was found by a visiting nurse from the local clinic. She came for planned examination of a newborn baby. She was embarrassed that my parents are gone for the kids looking out of the nurse-foreigner and all the documents on children executed in two languages — Russian and Chinese. Called the police took the children to the hospital.

“of Course, children will be fully inspected on all organs and systems. And even then, it is well established their health. Relatively you can call them healthy. It is seen that children looked after, they were not abandoned,” said Ismail Osman, the chief pediatrician of the Department of health of Moscow, chief physician of children’s city hospital. Vashlaevoj.

According to one version, the usual two-bedroom apartment could serve as a base for the transportation of children from surrogate mothers abroad.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”