Named virus most often affects Apple computers

Experts of “Kaspersky Lab” called the most common threat to macOS users in 2019. They turned out to be Trojan Shlayer that hit every tenth Apple computer in the world.

At the end of last year Shlayer accounted for 29% of all attacks on macOS device. Often his victims were users in the U.S. (31%), Germany (14%), and France and the UK (10%).

the Malware is distributed through thousands of legitimate websites with an audience of millions, such as Wikipedia and YouTube. In the largest online encyclopedia, the malicious link may be hidden among comments to the articles on YouTube is contained in the description of the video.

After the user clicks the link and installs the fake application (for example, under the guise of updates for Adobe Flash Player) on their Macs will be loaded with one of the varieties Shlayer. That, in turn, will pull the various programs that will flood the browser with ads including fake search results.

the First instances of the malware specialists recorded back in February 2018. “Since the first discovery Shlayer algorithm of its work has not changed, but the activity is almost not decreased: the number of instances of detection currently remains at the same level as in the first months after the detection of the malware,” said in “LK”.

“Despite the reputation of macOS as a much safer and more secure system, remains cybercriminals, who are trying to capitalize on the Mac OS — added in the company. And Shlayer perfect examples of this.”

Text: To.Hi-tech