Naryan-Mar and Arkhangelsk is actively discussing the future of the Union

In the auditorium named after Lomonosov today, crowded. Create a new region to discuss with young people, figures of science and culture, power. Began the meeting of the working group with congratulations. Discussion on the development of the Arctic zone, are the day of the polar Explorer.

6 days from residents of the Arkhangelsk region and Nenets Autonomous district received about 350 proposals. Reasoned “pros” and “cons” will be the basis of appeal to the President of the country. Range of applications — from social to economic. Most people are afraid of falling living standards.

“Are proposals to keep benefits for residents living in the Arkhangelsk region and NAO. To the extent to impose a moratorium for a certain period of time — 2-3 years — neslaganje costs”, — said Yuriy Serdyuk, Chairman of the Public chamber of the Arkhangelsk region.

it is Assumed that the new entity will be included in the four largest regions of the country. Then there is the challenge about the development of transport accessibility. Attention small aircraft, for example, the reconstruction of the airport “vaskovo”. Youth offers the creation of a unified information space of social networks. This collaborative forums and sharing experiences.

“We really wanted it in Naryan-Mar there is such a unique research centre, which is today in Svalbard in Longyearbyen. Where scientists come from all over the world, occupying Arctic research. Today in Russia there is no such”, — says Elena Kudryashova, rector of Northern Arctic Federal University. M. V. Lomonosov.

create a new region, assured the members of the group should be based on both scientific and cultural potential. For closer acquaintance of the neighbors proposed a new kind of tourism — theatre. To make suggestions in an ambitious project on the site of condemnation.of the Russian Federation and in special boxes of administrations of cities and towns.

“NUzhno just along for us to recycle in your own mind that this larger region will help to ensure that every human life will be better. There will be more opportunities to earn money for the welfare of his family, there will be more jobs. Here it is necessary to think” — says Vitaly Fortygin, head of the working group, the Deputy of the Arkhangelsk regional Assembly.

Ahead, the daily round tables, parliamentary hearings. 10 Jun Campiglio of proposals will be submitted for session of the regional Assembly.