Minister of health: in Russia decreased mortality

Reduction of mortality in Russia from 12.5 to 12.3 cases per thousand people celebrated in 2019, the Russian Minister of health Michael Murashko. In comparison with 2018 has increased and life expectancy. She rose from 72.9 at 73.4 years.

“This is a good indicator in the framework of the program of state guarantees”, — said Mikhail Murashko at the meeting of the Russian government, which was broadcasted by the TV channel “Russia 24”.

of 73.4 years on average life expectancy is the best indicator for Russia since 1991. In addition, Russia has increased the number of centenarians. Most of them are in the Russian capital. In Moscow there are 7.7 thousand centenarians. In the Northern capital of their 3,5 thousand. The growth of centenarians in Moscow and St. Petersburg testifies to the improvement of medical care for elderly people.