the Bank of Russia revoked the license for banking operations of the Moscow Bank “Neklis-Bank”.

According to the regulator, the Bank has completely lost its own funds, he formed the portfolio of potentially bad loans of customers amounting to more than 1.3 billion rubles. Also, the Bank’s management violated Federal laws and statutory acts of Bank of Russia.

64 percent of the Bank is owned through a Cyprus company Organat Financial Ltd Natalia Kasperskaya — President of the group of companies InfoWatch. She appealed to the Bank with the request to understand a situation with “Neklis-Bank”. According to her, she’s an acquaintance put quite a large Deposit and several years received the interest on the Deposit. But then the Bank suddenly could not return her Deposit and offered to exchange it for a share in the Bank. However, this problem of the Kasperskaya has not ended, and she wrote a memo to the Central Bank.

“After two years of trying to deal with the accumulated problems, I understand why CB so mercilessly “decimated” small banks”, — she wrote on his page on Facebook.

kasperskaya told TASS that he had lost “quite a lot of money” and now she is the injured party, as well as any depositor of the Bank.

The “Neklis-Bank” appointed a temporary administration of the Central Bank. The Bank held the 251-th place in the Russian banking system. Payment of insurance compensation to depositors will start no later than January 24.